About me

So, who exactly am I?


My name is Maria Norrgård, I am born -87 and I grew up in a small village in Ostrobothnia (Western Finland). I am a Swedish-speaking Finn, which means that I’m a Finnish citizen and that my mother tongue is Swedish – I belong to a linguistic minority of around 5% in Finland. I’ve finished German studies at Åbo Akademi University (bachelor’s and master’s degree) and I have also studied some tourism and intercultural communication.


I enjoy traveling, photography, animals, a nice glass of sangría, languages and cultures as well as colorful things, to name a few examples. I have always found writing amusing (even before I could barely write) and I like to be creative in different ways. Right now I mainly express my creativity through my blog and my camera, but I also try out different DIY-things every now and then.


I have dreamt about living abroad for as long as I can remember. As a kid and as teenager Sweden or England seemed most appealing to me, whereas I started to dream about living in a bit more exotic places as an adult. I started to study German in 8th grade and I continued all the way through the gymnasium (secondary school). This is how I ended up studying German in the university and thanks to this I got the chance to live and study during one semester in Regensburg, Germany.


Spanish is another language I’ve wanted to learn since a teenager and in the university I finally did three language courses. After that, the opportunity to do an internship in Tenerife showed up, and how could I possibly refuse that? I met my previous Italian boyfriend in Los Cristianos which made me return to Tenerife a few times – my longest stay in Tenerife was seven months in 2015, while finishing my master’s thesis on distance.


Right now I am back in Finland, but I'm planning to go to Australia on my next big adventure!



The purpose of my blog


The main purpose of my blog is to collect my thoughts, interests and parts of my life in one place – so that other can follow my life and find inspiration but also to make it easier for myself to look back on what I have done and how I have developed as a person.


This used to be a very universal blog, but at some point after my internship abroad in 2014 I wanted to find some sort of niche for my blog. Today I am mostly focusing on photography, travel and life abroad (recently mostly about Tenerife). However, my blog is still kind of a lifestyle blog, so you will also find a lot of other topics, such as food, personal thoughts, beauty products and shopping. I do not want to limit myself too much because I’m afraid that could kill the pleasure of blogging.


With my focus on travel etc I also seek to be a part of the growing network of travel and expat bloggers out there, which are becoming an increasingly important part of the tourism industry. I also wish to make my blog profitable to some extent, but I will be careful with putting too much advertisement on my page and I will mainly choose options that actually seem appropriate for this blog. 




You can reach me on: maria.norrgard87@hotmail.com


(more information about my studies and my internship abroad can be found in the tab “Cooperation”)

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